Unravelling Tapestry of Western Civilization

Shahid Bolsen
8 min readMay 31, 2024


It is breathtaking to watch. Gaza has become the thread you pull that unravels the whole fabric of Western so-called civilization. The entire narrative infrastructure of the West is collapsing. I said that every missile Israel launches against Gaza actually lands in America, and it is blowing that whole society apart. And I mean everything. Everything about that so-called culture, that so-called civilization; which is actually nothing but a torture chamber for their own citizens, a torture chamber for their minds, for their psyches, for their souls; it’s being dismantled.

You have been imposing lies on your population for decades, no, for centuries; inflicting cognitive dissonance on your people for centuries; keeping your people boxed in, in a tight cage of ideological manipulation. It’s like every individual citizen in your society is in an isolation cell that has beautiful pictures projected on the walls, to lull them into thinking they aren’t imprisoned. You know, freedom, democracy, prosperity, upward mobility, you can be and do anything you dream of, etc etc; All this is projected on the walls of their jail cells, and they can look at it, but can’t even really go into it, you can’t experience what you are being shown. That’s America. It’s happy songs being pumped in over loudspeakers to drown out the sound of you and your neighbour’s weeping. Weeping because their home is being foreclosed upon, or they lost their job, or you can’t afford medicine, or groceries, or you’re being evicted, or because someone you love was murdered or assaulted or abducted. It is a dystopian reality constantly being gaslighted by utopian propaganda. You know, according to the average statistics, since October 7th, roughly 10,000 Americans have been murdered, 200,000 American women have been raped, and over 100,000 children have been abducted in the United States? There have been nearly 150,000 home foreclosures. Tens of thousands have become homeless, even more have become jobless. But on the walls of your prison cell, all you see are projected pictures of wealth, opulence, extravagance, fun; happy, perfect, beautiful people living exciting, glamourous lives. Celebrities flaunting their wealth, singers bragging about their riches. Everyone you are shown is a millionaire or a billionaire, but everyone you’ve known is struggling financially. So, there’s a massive discrepancy in the reality you know and the reality they show.

And Gaza is taking all that apart. Well, actually, Zionism is. Zionism is destroying the whole architecture of how the West has managed the oppression of their own societies. It is exposing the West to the people of the West, and they are starting to realise how corrupt and psychopathic their so-called civilization is. It is all starting to hit them, it’s starting to register with them. Not just the students, the protesters, and activists — but regular, average, normal people in the West. It is dawning on them that something is terribly, criminally wrong with their society, with their culture; because look, there is a savage, vicious genocide happening right now, and you can see it, it is playing out right on your mobile phone screens; and your countries are backing it. Your countries, who you have always been told are the good guys, are responsible for it. Your countries are anti-peace, pro-genocide, and they want to ban and demonize anyone who supports peace and opposes mass murder; they want to shut down access to information, ban tiktok, arrest and prosecute people for not wanting to fund and enable the unspeakable bloodlust of the Zionists. You are starting to realize that your society is a monster, and that everyone in the world sees it as a monster, and that it is a monster even according to what you yourself have been taught. Because you were always taught how evil the Nazis were, how evil the Holocaust was, and now you see your own countries expressing their rock solid support for exactly the same type of ideology and the same type of crimes; but somehow you are not supposed to see this as an evil ideology and you are not supposed to see their actions as crimes. Well, that doesn’t work. By your own definitions, America and the collective West are monstrous villains. And that is making the people of the West have an existential crisis, they are questioning now, everything they ever took for granted to be reality, to be true; all the unquestioned assumptions they had ever been programmed to believe, they don’t believe anymore.

It started with boycotting Starbucks and McDonalds, and once they did that, it broke a pattern, a habit, not only a consumer habit, but a habit of thinking. You realized, you know, I don’t really need to spend five bucks for a mediocre coffee. In fact, I don’t really agree anymore that there is some kind of lifestyle status or class status displayed by walking around and taking selfies carrying a Starbucks cup. And come to think of it, I am actually kind of exhausted by the whole concept of displaying a class status or a lifestyle to other people; a lifestyle I don’t have and can’t afford, and that no one I know has or can afford. Come to think of it, it’s pretty messed up that we are all pretending the whole time, just so we can somehow emulate the rich and famous, when we’re not rich, and we’re not famous. And, you know what? Who are these rich and famous people anyway? These celebrities. What kind of people are they? Actually, come to think of it, we are the only reason they are rich and famous, and they aren’t even good people, not even people worth emulating. They are either silent about the genocide, or supportive of it. Actually, let’s block these people.

And before you know it, support for Gaza is transforming into a class war. It is transforming into a whole movement against the worship of the elite, the fabricated elite, the parasitic elite; and I’m telling you, this is all being indirectly inspired by the tawhid of the people of Gaza. The people of the West are starting to tear down their own false idols, and the whole quasi-religious secular worship of the rich, and all the high priests and priestesses of ritualistic distraction, frivolity, and materialism. Zionism is colonization, and colonization is a manifestation of cancerous capitalism, and cancerous capitalism is a manifestation of Western supremacy, and Western supremacy is a manifestation of dehumanizing racism and classism, and racism and classism are a manifestation of a culture that has no genuine moral values, and can only elevate itself by subjugating others. It’s primitive and savage and cynical. And once you realize that your country, your so-called civilization is primitive and savage and cynical, when you see that they are like that with others, you start to recognize that they are even like that with you. You start to realize that you never stopped being serfs, and they never stopped being feudal lords and masters; and the whole narrative you grew up believing in was a tapestry of lies, it’s a sack they put over your head so you could never see what is really going on. But like I said, that tapestry is unravelling today, and they’re never going to be able to sew it back together again.

The United States had a limited window of opportunity to break up with Israel, before that toxic relationship infected their whole system; but that time has passed. It’s too late. You should have moved decisively against Netanyahu months ago, if you didn’t want your murderous hypocrisy to be exposed. You’re like one of those vampires from the movies who has to get to safety before the sun comes up, but you didn’t move fast enough, and now you are dissolving in the daylight in front of everybody.

The explosions and the screams from Gaza were too loud to drown out with soft jazz elevator music of American virtue, and everyone has heard them now, and that means everyone knows you have been trying to hide the truth from them all this time. People in America and throughout the West are collectively having their Oscar Schindler moment of clarity and guilt, realising that while their societies were gorging them on entertainment, music, late night talk shows, celebrity gossip and pornography; atrocities were being committed, carnage and brutal injustice was being inflicted on innocent people by their countries all around the world, and in their own countries; and the entirety of popular culture and mass media operated, all this time, as an anaesthetic to dull their senses and numb their minds to the reality of their own so-called civilization’s cruelty and violence. And now that they know, they are ripping out the tubes that pumped that anaesthetic into their bodies. They’re blocking you now, all your celebrities, your brands, your logos, your propaganda; all the smiling brand ambassadors who’ve gotten rich off of your neutralization, exploitation, nullification, and desensitization. You thought you were just passing the time, but you didn’t know you were being deliberately distracted, diverted, your attention being redirected so you wouldn’t realize that crimes were being committed. Virtual reality goggles were stuck on your head so you wouldn’t witness it, and you welcomed those goggles, you welcomed that virtual reality, because the reality of your own life was so boring, tedious, and miserable. They filled your days with drudgery so you would race into escapism. They filled your life with ugliness so you would use whatever free moment you had to passively and vicariously stare at the vapid beauty of celebrities. Oh, they’ve been drugging you, sedating you, and all this time, they have been making you the unknowing accomplice to their inhuman oppression and brutality.

But the cries of Gaza broke through the white noise soundtrack of triviality and propaganda. That’s why they are persecuting the student protesters so hard, because they are not just opposing Zionism and genocide, but by opposing Zionism and genocide, they are setting off a chain reaction that is short circuiting the whole system of social engineering and control that has allowed the parasitic elite to ravage the entire planet without scrutiny or accountability.

They’re punishing the protesters because the protesters are saying they’ve gone too far, and they can’t accept that there is such a thing as “too far”, they think they’re supposed to have no limits, they’re not supposed to be bound by ANY sort of moral limitations. Much less one being set by the people, people they disdain so profoundly that they think they can be replaced by AI and robots. They don’t think any of you matter, and it enrages them that you think you do matter. And they are even more enraged precisely because of the WAY these protests are being done, by the targets of their activism. Because the protests are focusing on the private sector, on businesses, on investments, on financial partnerships, on funding — they’re not focusing on politicians. You’re supposed to direct all your outrage and opposition at the decoys, at the effigies, at the fake representatives of power, the expendable puppet politicians dangled in front of you by the real private sector ruling class. It is unforgivable that you have torn down the curtain around real existing power, and exposed the fallacy of democracy. Those protesters have started a fire that is going to burn straight through the whole system. But you can’t blame them for the fact that your system is flammable to begin with. If you’d built your system on truth and honesty, on justice, on genuine morality and on decency and fairness, no one would be able to burn it down. But you built it on deceit and hypocrisy, on unfairness and exploitation and bigotry, violence, racism, greed, and oppression; and that’s all highly combustible. In hindsight, Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to put a torch in the hand of the statue of liberty.