The West is an imposter civilization

Shahid Bolsen
6 min readAug 9, 2023

“After you posted some excerpts from our interviews, your online profile has risen rather dramatically. I think your following across social media has probably more than doubled over the past 10 days or so. Why do you think those excerpts gained so much traction, and how do you feel about it?”

Ambivalent. I’m ambivalent about it. Any time I have experienced something like this in the past, any degree of sort of widespread online attention, it leads to real-world problems. Obviously, that’s what generated the whole internet smear campaign in the first place, the character assassination, the slander and lies; and all of that has real life consequences. So, there’s a degree of unease. But how I feel is irrelevant.

I think those videos resonated with a lot of people because it reflects the fact that there is a worldwide change underway. And not just among Muslims. And not even just among people in the Global South. People all over the world, including in the West itself, are recognizing that Western civilization is a failure. That it is corrupt, hypocritical, immoral, tyrannical, and psychopathic. Now, most of the Muslim world and the Global South has known this for a long time, and a lot of people in the lower class in the West have known it for a long time too, and certainly Black people in the United States never DIDN’T know it.

But, because the neoliberal system, the neo-Imperialist system is now treating even the Western lands as conquests, and people in America and Europe are feeling the subjugation their civilization imposed all around the world, now it is happening to them writ large; there are millions of people in the West who want nothing to do with so-called Western civilization anymore. They realize it’s rotten, and has always been rotten; they realize that even the moral values and principles and so on that they were taught emerged from the Enlightenment, were actually stolen from someone else, stolen from other civilizations, particularly from the Muslims. So, their civilization is like an identity thief, pretending to be what it isn’t. It’s an imposter. It’s a brute wearing the clothes of a nobleman. Or more accurately, it’s a criminal dressed up like a policeman. And you’ve got a lot of criminals dressed up like policeman over there.

But, as I said, across the Global South, among the longstanding victims of the West, none of this is a revelation. And it’s not something new to Muslims, certainly. But there are two things different now. Today, there is a sense that the West, and that America, is imploding. They are seeing their tormentor getting weak, and all he ever had over us was power. It was his power that kept everyone quiet, it was his power that made everyone nod their heads when he spoke. And now there’s a glimmer of hope because they see weakness. Every crack and fracture in Western society, you have to understand, for the Global South, represents a crack or fracture in the wall of a prison cell, and they start to see daylight peeking through those cracks. Now, that’s different. We didn’t see that before. And everyone is seeing it at the same time. So, the second thing is the subsequent revival of self-confidence in the Global South countries, and in the Muslim world. There is less and less inclination to capitulate to the West, to emulate the West, to want Western approval. And greater and greater inclination to move forward independently. So, I think this is why those videos resonated with people.

And, for Muslims specifically, we’re tired. You have been bullying us for at least the last 20–30 years, bullying us with the label “extremist”, telling us which kind of Islam was alright with you. Even while you were invading our countries, bombing our cities, killing our families; somehow, you were still able to bully us into thinking WE were the violent ones. The West was like a murderer who stabs someone, and get the victim’s blood all over his own clothes, and then starts screaming “help, help, I’m bleeding!” You were covered in OUR blood, but acted like you were the one who was bleeding.

And we bent over backwards to try to assure you. You tricked us with the promise of acceptance and approval, and approval meant you wouldn’t bomb us or lock us up in Guantanamo Bay; you tricked us into thinking we had to conform to your values, your principles, to prove that we are civilized people.

It was like when you try to access a website and have to show you’re not a robot, except it’s a never ending loop, check this box to confirm you are a person, now this box, now this box, and in the end, we never get accepted. But during that whole process, over the last couple of decades, you showed us time and time again that the values and principles you wanted us to conform with — YOU don’t even conform with. And after we checked all the boxes, you wanted us to check a box that says we accept gay marriage and we accept that women have penises; and the whole Muslim world collectively had an epiphany — these people are crazy. Like I said, Western civilization is an imposter, and in 2023, you have been thoroughly found out. There’s almost nobody left in the world who doesn’t know who you really are, and nobody is inclined to play along anymore.

See, to a great extent, the West even imposed cognitive dissonance on us. Even while you were killing us, jailing us, and torturing us, a lot of Muslims still wanted to be like you. A lot of Muslims were still mesmerized by your words, to the extent that we would overlook your actions, or make excuses for them. Because you talked so high and mighty, about such lofty morals. It’s disconcerting, it’s disorienting; because your actions have always been the polar opposite of what you talk about.

But from 2001 to 2023, there’s been a change. The lies have become unsustainable, and the truth has become undeniable; and even millions of people in the West can see it now. They can see it is an imposter civilization. They can see that you have only ever used morals and values as a camouflage, as a disguise, because, like I said, what you have been doing to populations across the Muslim world and the Global South, you are doing to your own populations now; so they can see you never believed any of that stuff about freedom and liberty and democracy. You don’t care if your people starve, if they have no place to live, if they’re sick, you don’t care if they freeze in the winter, or if they have clean drinking water. You don’t care if they mutiliate themselves or their children, you don’t care if they stop having babies and go extinct. It’s all a sham. So, the veil has been lifted, and there’s no putting it back. The wool has been pulled from over their eyes, and you can’t pull it back down again.

But as I have talked about over and over again; my concern is that the societal implosion of the West is being misinterpreted, it’s being misunderstood, by Muslims and by the countries of the Global South.

It is being misunderstood because we think it means we are going to be free, that our oppressor, like I said, has become weak. But that is not what is happening. The West isn’t collapsing, it is being conquered, it is being conquered by private sector power, the OCGFC, and that same power wants to conquer us too, all over again; just as we are seeing the chance to be free. This is why I have said for years, you have to understand who the real powers are, who your real enemies are, because the decline of the West, the decline of American state power does not mean the creation of a multipolar world. It is a unipolar world, and that unipolar power is the private sector, and it has more control over our lives than any state. That doesn’t mean that a multipolar world isn’t possible, it is possible, but the only way it can be pursued is by accurately understanding what the real power in the world is today, so we can develop genuinely effective strategies for confronting it.