The Global South is Pro-Palestinian

Shahid Bolsen
7 min readOct 12, 2023


Look, everything I have said before about the pivot to the Global South, the pivot to Asia and Africa and the Middle East, BRICS and so on; that still stands. And the fact that the Muslims represent the largest single most cohesive population IN the Global South, and the fact that the Muslims are the obvious leaders and potential managers of the new paradigm for the global economy as it shifts to the Global South…all of that still stands. Nothing has changed about that.

But the transition will be volatile, and what makes it volatile, is because it creates new opportunities for power and sovereignty for countries and for elite segments of populations in the Global South to rise and become real players in the new economic and political order. There are competing ideas about how they want this transition to go, and what they want the world to look like in the wake of that transition.

I have said that the Western-oriented OCGFC will fight to maintain the status quo, in terms of management and control, in other words, that they will want to impose their system on the Global South. They will not resist or fight the transition or the transfer itself, but they want to ensure that it just replicates the same neoliberal, imperialistic system we have had during the post WWII era. There are, as I have said before, different coalitions within the OCGFC, there are those who are genuinely global in orientation, and there are those who are more provincial. BlackRock, for instance, is quite global, and I think they are interested in being more global in nature. They don’t mind integrating and adapting and bringing in OCGFC factions from the Global South. But there are others who still want a very Western-centric global order. A purely imperialistic order, or a colonial order. You know, change is difficult. Some people want to fight against the tide, they want things to stay as they are. But whoever fights change will always be the victim of it, because it will happen either way. If you cannot adapt, you will lose.

And everyone today who is rallying behind Israel is going to lose. Obviously. I mean, OBVIOUSLY.

Because this just shows that you are still stuck in this old colonialist, imperialist, racist, Western-supremacist mentality that the entirety of the Global South rejects. And frankly, not just the Global South. Huge numbers of people in the West itself reject this. The majority of people on earth reject this.

You cannot successfully transition the global economy to the South and to the East, while still rabidly supporting Israeli occupation. This is absolutely the wrong hill to die on, but it is a hill you will die on, if you insist on it. You are showing the world that the pivot to the Global South, for you, IS just another wave of imperialism, and you want to try and impose it the same way you did every time before — through wanton violence and brutality.

See? You can’t change.

The West, America in particular, needs to understand that the whole world is seeing you for what you are. Your stance on Palestine makes it starkly obvious to everyone that you are not actually mature or developed enough to have a leadership role in world affairs, and certainly not in the affairs of the Global South, in all the countries that have been your victims all these years. There is no repentance, there is no contrition, there is no moral improvement or change in you. You are exactly the same people who wiped out the Native Americans. The same people who regarded Africans as subhuman. The same people who murdered hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians in a matter of seconds in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The same people who dropped napalm on civilians in Vietnam. I mean, on and on. Nothing exposes this today more than your stance on Palestine, nothing demonstrates that you have not changed or developed in centuries more than your shameless support for Israel. And you are alienating the whole planet by this. You are alienating people, and countries, and regions, that you can’t afford to alienate. From Latin America to Southeast Asia, when you back colonialist Zionist violence against the Palestinians, we see it as emblematic of your whole attitude and approach to the non-Western world. Everyone in the Global South identifies with the Palestinians. Everyone in the Muslim world identifies with the Palestinians. When you declare your support for “total war” against the Palestinians, support a psychopath like Netanyahu, calling for basically a “final solution” against the Palestinians; everyone in the Global South gets the message. You are deranged, immoral, barbaric, blood-thirsty, racist savages.

And all your talk about human rights, rule of law, and so on, is all hideous hypocrisy. You don’t mean any of it, and you never have. But the problem is, PEOPLE mean it. PEOPLE believe in those things. And we can all see that you are, therefore, opposed to the people. The people of the world.

Sure, you think you can bully and intimidate everyone, as you always have; but things are different today. This isn’t 1991, and it isn’t 2001. What a difference 20 years makes. The West is in shambles, Europe is imploding. America is bankrupt. You want to shift from sending all your money to the corrupt and steady losing army of Ukraine to sending it now to the corrupt and steady failing army of Israel — as if your own people don’t need the money.

You just sent warships over to Israel, and nothing could better show what a failure Israel is, what a failure US policy has been with regards to Israel — when Ariel Sharon rightly stated that Israel was supposed to be America’s warship in the middle east. Now you have to send back up. You’ve been taken for a ride for decades now. Pouring hundreds of billions of dollars to prop up a colonial project, for all these years, and it still doesn’t work. Netanyahu and his ilk have been eating your money. Do you know how many corruption charges there are against that man?

And the only thing you can do to try to make any of this seem justifiable is by lying. By making up the most outrageous and absurd propaganda that no one who has ventured outside of their trailer park can believe. Hamas raped and murdered women, Hamas cut off the heads of babies. This just shows they way YOU think, the way YOU operate. The only way you can make yourselves look good is by creating this cartoonishly fiendish image of Hamas, or any enemy you want to fight — because the truth is, no one is actually worse than you are. So you invent these fanciful lies. That girl who was supposedly dead and “paraded half naked” by Hamas the day of the incursion? Remember that? Well she is alive and well in a hospital right now. Surprise surprise. It’s the Kuwaiti incubator babies all over again. Supposedly ripped from incubators by the Iraqis, and it was all lies concocted by a PR agency, and the daughter of a Kuwaiti diplomat. Hamas doesn’t rape women, YOU rape women. Hamas punishes people for sex outside of marriage in Gaza, what are you talking about? Hamas isn’t ISIS, they’re not Da’esh. The lies are just too ridiculous.

Your own people are not going to accept this much longer, and neither is anyone else. I don’t think even the people of Israel will accept this. The Hamas incursion happened either because the Netanyahu hardline government was incompetent, or because they betrayed their own people by letting it happen. So, it was either incompetence or treachery. These are the only two options to explain how this occurred, and neither one of these options gives Netanyahu a future in Israeli politics.

It doesn’t matter what you do, like I said. If you insist on fighting the tide, you’ll drown. You can have your war, you can scorch the earth all across the Middle East; and all that is going to do is give Saudi Arabia and the UAE more power and influence, all it is going to do is create the conditions for the whole region to be rebuilt with money from the Khaleej.

Netanyahu and the Republicans want to turn this into a war against Iran; well, Saudi Arabia wouldn’t mind that at all. You’ll just take out Muhammad bin Salman’s only regional competitor for power. Even by fighting the inevitable rise of the Muslims, you are expediting it. That’s how fighting the inevitable works.

And again, your support for Israel is going to exacerbate the problems inside your own countries. Look at pro-Palestinian protests in France, how the police tear-gassed them. The same way that the you have to rigidly control the media narrative about Palestine, but social media is making that impossible — in the same way, you have to rigidly control the public themselves, you have to crackdown, you have to restrict freedom of speech, you have to repress your own people, to be able to continue with your stance on Israel; because like I said, no one is actually on board with this. Whether it’s because of their moral objection to supporting a brutal apartheid state, or whether it is because they are sick of you sending all their money to help everyone but your own citizens — people are fed up. This isn’t going to work anymore.

Why, you can’t do anything today that more instantly identifies you as an unthinking, hypocritical sellout than changing your profile picture to the Israeli flag. I already know you were one of those people who would have worn a covid face mask during a zoom call back in 2020, because you are an automaton. You think whatever power tells you to think, and you have no internal values system.

And like I said, this approach is not going to enable you to dominate the transition to the Global South, it is going to completely discredit you and ruin any chance you have of influencing how the new global economic order develops. The Arab world is with the Palestinians. Africa is with the Palestinians. Latin America is with the Palestinians. Asia is with the Palestinians. And obviously 2 billion Muslims in the world — that is a 2 billion strong market — is with the Palestinians. And, truth be told, your own public is mostly with the Palestinians.

If you decide to fight the inevitable, you have decided from the outset to fail.

The corporate factions, the business factions, the factions of the OCGFC who will actually prosper in the coming decades, will be those who reflect, and who do not conflict, with the opinions and attitudes of the Global South; and that means being pro-Palestinian.