Shahid Bolsen: Message to the Israeli people

Shahid Bolsen
9 min readOct 15, 2023


In the Muslim and Arab world, we take it as a truism that the United States basically serves Israel. That America is controlled by Zionists, and that the US government will do anything to save and protect Israel. I think a lot of Israelis probably think so too.

An objective, rational assessment, though paints a very different picture.

Israelis need to recognize, if they don’t already, that the US is not their saviour, it’s their worst enemy. The US, whether they know it or not, and whether Muslims understand it or not; is treating Israel the same way they treat everyone else — with complete contempt.

Look, they are supporting Netanyahu, who is the most unpopular, most despised, most corrupt, most incompetent, most psychopathic, delusional, and despotic ruler Israel has ever had. And he is responsible for both prolonging and worsening the conflict with the Palestinians. Netanyahu has made a career on diverting attention away from the internal domestic concerns that actually matter to most Israelis, by endlessly talking about “security” and the supposed threats Israel faces. And of course, the domestic problems just get worse. And in fact, the conflict and security situation just get worse. And America loves it.

They don’t care about Israel’s domestic issues, about socioeconomic issues, the high cost of living, the disparity between rich and poor, about corruption, and so on. These are predominantly the issues that matter to Israeli citizens; but as far as America is concerned, the only thing that matters is continuing the strife and conflict. They don’t care about the welfare and stability of Israel. You see, Israelis want to treat Israel like an actual country, they expect it to behave like an actual country, and they think that their lives and their concerns should matter, like they would in an actual country; but to the United States, Israel is a poicy instrument. So the Israeli population doesn’t matter to them; and what matters to the Israeli population doesn’t matter to them.

The relationship with the United States has been incredibly detrimental to Israel; it has prevented Israel from becoming a normal society. Part of that is driven by diaspora Jews in the US, who, like most diaspora communities, are generally far more radical and ideological than the people back home. And this diaspora community makes a huge amount of money exploiting Jewish emotional attachment to Israel, getting them to fund pro-Israeli lobbies and so forth, which mostly just make a handful of American Jews rich. But it is mostly driven by US policy interests, and the utility of Israel as a vehicle for an endless flow of cash to American defence companies, and as an offshore research and development hub for the Pentagon.

The US does not want, and has never wanted Israel to be at peace with their neighbours, they have never wanted Israel to integrate into the region. That is not Israel’s function, as far as America is concerned. Doesn’t matter to them that this is the only way for Israel to ever actually become a normal society. Doesn’t matter if this is in the interests of the Israeli population. They are using you. They are exploiting you. The Israelis. The Americans, the West, are using you. And it is absolutely against the interests of your people.

Obviously, the only way for Israelis to ever progress as a society is to dislodge themselves from the United States, from the West, and to integrate properly with the region. Until they do that, none of their domestic issues will ever be resolved, will never even be addressed. Until they do that, they will never be allowed to do or be anything but a policy tool of the US, and lose both their lives and their souls in the process. They are making you do things that are against your beliefs as Jews, things that are against your own humanity. They are pushing you to do things that make the world see you as monsters. And more specifically, the people in the part of the world where you are. Properly, Israel should be a global south country, it should be a Middle Eastern country, and it should share the values and priorities of the Global South and the Middle East; but because it was a Western colonialist project from the beginning, and because it operates exclusively as a colonialist project, it is seen as, and sees itself, as a Western nation. And you are never going to be able to be normal going forward like that.

The only real way forward is a one state solution. Incorporate all the occupied territories, and all the inhabitants of those territories, into one country, with equal citizenship rights. Yes, that will mean a Palestinian majority, and it will no longer be a so-called Jewish state; but it can become a normal, healthy society. If Zionism means upholding the right of Jews to live in Palestine, well no one ever said they didn’t have that right; certainly not the Muslims. If Zionism means ethnic Jewish supremacy, well, what civilized person would endorse that in the 21st Century? There were always Jews in Palestine during the Muslim empire, and there were Jews in Palestine when the Zionists came, and the Zionists fought against them. But if you want your country to ever be normal, you are going to have to learn from the history of those Palestinian Jews, who knew how to get along with their neighbours, and who lived peacefully with the Arabs; the Jews who rightly saw the Zionists as colonizers, and as people who disrupted the society.

The Israelis can’t possibly like being the way their country is now. They hate Netanyahu, and most of them blame their government for what is going on. And rightly so. But look how opposed that is to the American narrative. Look how at odds the American narrative is from the way Israelis themselves feel. The Western narrative. You need to stop letting America talk for you. They are destroying you. The perspective of the average Israeli is diametrically opposite of what the Americans are saying.

I mean, look at those kids at the rave when the Hamas attack happened. Remember, military service is compulsory in Israel, so all those kids were IDF at one point. All those kids have military training. But those aren’t soldiers. Even the active soldiers aren’t soldiers. The IDF of 2023 is not the IDF of 1056 or 1967, or even of the 1980s. These people don’t want to be warriors. They just want to live their lives. But America won’t let them.

Look at these Israelis on tiktok and Instagram, what do you think they would rather do with their lives? Do you think they have it in them, that they are SO committed to Zionism, that they want to dedicate their lives to harsh, stoic drills and training, self-sacrifice, discipline and so on, in order to make Israel a warrior nation? Why, they’d rather be in Dubai. If they had a choice between the path Netanyahu and the United States wants for them — the path of endless strife and conflict and bloodshed — or following the path to a one state solution that would flood the country with Gulf investment, and they could lay on the beach all day smoking hashish; what do you think they would prefer?

No, Israel needs to detach itself from the US. They need to start looking to the BRICS nations for diplomatic resolutions and solve these problems together with the Global South. They need to send this message to the diaspora as well, and de-radicalize those groups, and stop the influx of crazy settler extremists to their country. That’s a destabilizing force in the society. Just like always, the Muslims, the Arabs, are giving the Jews a way out of Western exploitation and violence — because that’s all the West is doing. You can’t possibly be foolish enough not to see that. We’ve always heard about how smart Jewish people are, so surely you can see that the West is just throwing you into violence and suffering, they are just using you. But the Arabs, the Muslims, just want peace and stability, but with justice and fairness. You believe in justice and fairness, don’t you? You want peace and stability, don’t you? Well, the only way that is ever going to be brought about is when you disentangle yourselves from the US, honestly.

I think you should enact a law in Israel against dual citizenship. Don’t let anyone be a citizen of Israel while still holding a passport for another country. Then you can weed out who is really invested in your society and who isn’t. I think at least 20% of Israelis have dual citizenship, and about half of those only live in Israel part time. They are seasonal Zionists. And these are mostly going to be the settlers, who are basically like a Jewish ISIS; you don’t want people like that in your society. It will also be the businesspeople who have divided interests. You need to weed those people out. They are destabilizing. You certainly shouldn’t be allowed to serve in the government if you have dual citizenship; how can anyone be sure which country’s interests you are serving? And that is especially true of anyone who has American and Israeli citizenship. I mean, how many of these people would be ready to sacrifice their US passport for Israel? Not many, I promise you that. Well that shows divided loyalty. And that’s at least one of the reasons there is so much corruption in your government. Because most of those people are serving American interests, European interests; why you and I both know that Netanyahu is about 95% more likely to retire in Florida than in Israel.

If you can get people who are actually committed to Israel being a proper, normal country, people who are genuinely interested in the welfare of the Israeli people, I think you would see peace a lot sooner. And that is obviously in the best interests of Israel. So, you need to get closer to the Arabs, closer to the Muslims, and liberate yourselves from being nothing but an American tool in the middle east, because that’s what you are, and that’s how they treat you.

Haven’t you ever noticed that the most enthusiastic supporters of Zionism in the West among non-Jews are exactly the same groups of people who historically have been the most antisemitic? Why, the original Zionists got support from the most Jewish-hating elements in Europe back in the day. Everyone knows that. They haven’t changed. They are still antisemitic, they are as they have always been, they supported Zionism because they wanted Jews to be anywhere else but next to them. And their so-called support for Israel today is just as antisemitic as they have always been. They want to see you in conflict, in misery, in insecurity, dependent and subject. It is nothing but hate, but you have fooled yourselves into thinking its love. The same people who persecuted you for centuries are persecuting you now, just more cleverly; and the same people who were historically the most welcoming and kind to you, are the same people they want you to be at war with. I’m telling you, you are getting played. You should be smarter than that.

They don’t want good for you, I mean what good have you gotten? Hundreds of thousands of your sons and daughters have been called up to go to the slaughter by America and their sponsored agents in your government. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent only to make you more insecure, lining the pockets of your corrupt politicians, while average Israelis are struggling with the cost of living. They hate you, and they hate us, and you and I both know it. We should be more or less on the same side, but they make you do things that make it impossible for us to side with you; and that is the whole trick, and you keep falling for it.

We don’t have a problem with Jews, and history attests to that fact; but the people who do have a problem with Jews are the biggest backers of Zionism, and we have a problem with Zionism, and you should too, because it is a plot that is against you, not for you. They are tricking you in every which way. The US didn’t defeat the Nazis and liberate the concentration camps, the Russians did that. Some of the biggest backers OF the Nazis were in America, and they brought all the top Nazis over in operation paperclip after the war, and you know all this. And they are backing an army now in Ukraine who literally fly the swastika, fighting against the country that ended the holocaust, and you are supporting them. Don’t you see how confused you are? Don’t you see how they have never changed? Don’t you see how they want you to be against anyone who ever gave you refuge or was decent to you? And you still think that is “support”? You still think that is love? You think that’s friendship? They are using you and ruining you, because they never stopped being antisemitic, and that’s the truth.

So, my message to Israelis is stop being led by the nose by antisemites, and actually make peace WITH the semites, with the Arabs, with the Muslims. And get yourselves free from American, European, and Zionist, antisemitic manipulation.